Welcome to Destiny Calling Academy’s (DCA) Admissions Page. We are pleased to hear of your interest in placing your child into a private school setting this year. At DCA, not only will your child be academically challenged, they will also learn about living their life purpose and discover the joy of becoming a DayMaster©. “A DayMaster© is that particular person who does not leave his/her life to fate or surrender it to circumstances, but rather, is prepared to take control and master each day from the time s/he wakes up.” Dr. B.

At DCA, we offer a challenging academic faith-based program for grades from Kindergarten to twelfth. We teach with a spirit of excellence and expect excellence from our students. We believe that children can succeed and will do so when there is collaboration between home and school. Your support and involvement are vital to your child’s success. We believe in a team system consisting of, school + scholar+ home; together we succeed!

As we begin this wonderful journey together, please know, we believe these things:

  •  Your child is lovable and worthwhile.

  •  Your child is beautiful.

  •  Your child has potential.

  •  You and your child can ask for help when you need it.

  •  You and your child can make good decisions.

  •  You and your child can enjoy abundance in life.

  •  You and your child are blessed.

  •  You and your child are destined for greatness.



We thank you for your consideration of Destiny Calling Academy. We look forward to developing and preparing your child’s heart, mind and life for a great destiny!

As a service to our community, our Chancellor, Dr. Barham, Sr., who is also a Professional Christian Counselor, is available to provide a FREE Personal Consultation to all parents who desire to discuss any education or personal concerns they may have. Please call us today at, 1-800-677-7904 to schedule your FREE Personal Consultation.




The mission of DCA is to educate the whole person and promote a Spirit of Excellence within each DCA Scholar. DCA Scholars are encouraged to commit to lifelong learning and service to the community. DCA is a foundational building center designed to instill self-worth, pride, and growth in each student. We believe in bridging the gap to connect the missing links from where people are to where they can go by building character in every individual. We believe academic, social, emotional, and physical success is key to ensuring the maximum development of each DCA Scholar, sealing within them the belief that their “Destiny is Greatness!”



DCA Chancellor/Principal: DrB!

Assistant Principal: Ms. Egyptia Logan

Administrative Director: Mrs.Vicki Barham